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Coeval Designs/Manufactures/installs LED Road Signs designed for use with latest technology to provide technologically advanced solutions. Coevals products and systems are controlled remotely using tablets, smartphones and PC desktop management. Products include: OVD systems Vehicle Speed Signs School Safety Signs Hazard Warning Systems New products: VMS Full Matrix Mobile Trailer VMS Parking Guidance Equestrian Safety Remote Monitoring

Coeval is celebrating 30 years in the electronics industrial design and manufacturing arena, specialising in Radio Linked LED Road Signs. We have a large UK and worldwide customer base including the supply of products for both the Athens and London Olympic Games.
Coeval prides itself on developing innovative solutions to modern day problems combined with a specific desire to reduce impact on the environment. Our systems are low cost and energy efficient, serving the needs of the present whilst not compromising the needs of the future.
Having offices in Birmingham, Glasgow and Belfast, Coeval is a Living Wage employer, valuing its employees and customers alike. We have a strong, dedicated team of friendly, experienced staff, with communication skills paramount to providing excellent customer service. Our engineers are company ambassadors and often the main face-to-face contact with our clients. They know that your business needs to continue running with minimal disruption. Both your property and your team will be treated with the utmost respect. We aim to make your experience with our engineers and other members of the team a positive one.
Coeval offers a wide range of Highway Agency compliant Radio Linked LED road signs, from Speed indicators to Hazard Warning signs. Our increasing product range now includes VMS Full Matrix, Mobile Trailer VMS and parking Guidance and Signs. All can be supplied as stand-alone new units or adapted to utilise existing street furniture, meeting individual customer requirements. Our engineers are fully trained in the workings of each product, many of which are unique to Coeval. On purchasing any Coeval product you and your staff will receive training in how to operate and test the equipment giving you the knowledge to go forward with confidence. In addition to the supply of our standard equipment, Coeval also offers a bespoke service for customers with specific requirements. For instance we’ve recently designed a Moose Warning system for a Norwegian customer. If you are unable to find the product you require in our brochure, please contact us and we will endeavour to work with you to provide a solution.
Coeval Ltd is committed to be at the cutting edge of new technology developing several new products including: Equestrian Safety System
Remote Monitoring Units Cycle Detection Ice detection systems Flood Warning system Verge Master

Coeval Ltd is dedicated to providing an excellent and positive experience for our clients. We look forward to meeting you and hopefully working with you in the future. Visit our website http://www.coeval.uk.com for more information.

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Gordon Stitt +44 0141 255 0840 http://www.coeval.uk.com