Costain is a leading technology and engineering solutions provider: we improve people’s lives by providing world class end-to-end integrated solutions to meet the UK's major infrastructure needs. We are the leading provider for smart motorways and offer a full range of turn-key highway solutions. See how we can help you at stand E80.

Costain is a leading technology-based engineering solutions provider: we improve people’s lives by providing world class end-to-end integrated solutions to meet national needs. We provide a range of innovative integrated services that include Consultancy, Asset Optimisation, Technology Solutions and Complex Delivery. We are the leading provider of intelligent transport solutions to both strategic and local authority network operators. Our first principle is to work collaboratively with customers to create unique solutions that deliver road user benefits and customer outcomes. We are a multi-award winning company, providing best-in-class hardware and software - we create innovative solutions by blending our unique expertise in road construction and intelligent transport system technologies. In 2016 Costain acquired Simulation Systems Limited, better aligning us to customer needs whilst creating a proven and highly respected technology capability. We are specialists in traffic systems engineering from advisory services and concept development through to equipment design, system integration and whole life asset management support. Costain are leaders in the design and supply of technology equipment to support Highways England’s smart motorway programme and the National Road Telecommunications System (NRTS), providing a full range of equipment and software including outstation equipment, no-light CCTV, full colour VMS, message sign controllers, web applications and SNMP solutions. Our expertise in asset management and BIM solutions provides insight to our customers to optimise asset life and to make better investment decisions. We are leaders in innovation, and are actively working with emerging technologies to create intelligent infrastructure such as V2X, Internet of Things (IOT) solutions, low-powered bluetruth sensors, fuel cell technology and digital BIM. Through our extensive technology integration expertise we bring real-world capability to create and deliver smart city solutions. Our infrastructure knowledge and innovative technology capabilities enable us to provide results that deliver customer outcomes and create positive benefits to transport users.

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