Allglass Reprocessors (UK) Ltd

Allglass are UK's leading supplier of Highway Safety Glass Beads - producing over 16.000 tonnes annually. Allglass offer certified beads under Kitemark, CE and Benor registrations, Beads can be coated to suit customer's requirements and anti-skid media mixed in Allglass also supply High Index product mixtures using Swarco Plus 1.6 index beads. Stand Z31.

Allglass has been operating 10 years becoming the UK’s largest supplier of Highway Safety Beads. Manufacturing bead specifications with an average level of roundness over 85% compared to the EN standard requirement level of 80% Supported by the Geveko organisation the products have been well proven on the roads throughout Europe and are the product of choice for many operators. All highway beads are approved to the CE standard, ensuring customers are ready for any changes on CE product requirements. Holding a current Kitemark certification Allglass supplies pre-mix, drop on and anti-skid mixtures with specialised coatings, moisture proof and adhesion, packaged in line with customer requirements Beads are offered with CE and Benor certification paperwork and are fully traceable. Having current ISO 9000 accreditation Allglass prides itself on customer service and technical back up, operating around 24/7 during 340 days per year.

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Geoff Crutchley http://www.allglass.org.uk