For over 30 years Daktronics Ireland, formerly known as Data Display, has been setting standards for the design and manufacture of electronic information displays and we continue to provide a beginning to end display solution from concept through to completion.We do this by incorporating in-house design and development as well as manufacturing and system testing through to commissioning and after-sales support.

One core element of our design is the ‘’LIFETIME’’ reliability of the sign. This is evident in the quality of the subcomponents we use. Selection of critical subcomponents such as LED’s, power supplies, and control modules are based on a stringent quality regime.

All our signs feature robust, all-weather housings to IP65 standard, and are designed to withstand vibration. Daktronics VMS are designed to adhere to European EN12966-1 standards (colour luminance, luminance ratio, distribution characteristics etc.).

Our goal is to provide the total solution to fit each individual need in the transportation industry.

Contact Details

Caroline Clancy +353 00 353 65 7072600 http://www.data-display.com