CA Traffic

A major supplier of premium traffic monitoring products to the UK and beyond. Established over 20 years ago, it prides itself on offering a premium range of products for traffic monitoring from loop and radar in addition to its class leading ANPR cameras. Their powerful software products excel in the area of real-time ITS systems and historic data reporting.

Recent innovations include the Black Cat Radar which makes use of the latest radar technology to give superior results and offer the option to monitor busy cycle lanes. The EVO X camera, which allows up to three lanes of high accuracy number plate recognition.

CA Traffic continues to invest heavily in software to make the most of its product range. The Catalyst in-station offers the ability to integrate the range of CA Traffic products easily into other systems as well as proving a convenient portal for managing the equipment. Catalyst, when combined with VDA-Pro R2 data management software and the net platform web reporting software offer a complete data gathering, management and reporting solution. The complete system is available for purchase or can be provided as a cloud hosted solution.

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Bernard Greene +44 01296 333499 http://www.ca-traffic.com


Products at the Show


Built upon a flexible and scalable architecture, the Catalyst in-station works together with CA Traffic's monitoring equipment and reporting software to form a powerful end-to-end solution for data acquisition, processing and distribution.

A Catalyst in-station helps the user achieve a higher quality of data through automation, validation and information.

VDA-Pro R2

VDA-Pro R2 is a comprehensive database system for traffic data management. Release 2 builds upon the success of VDA-Pro by delivering a familiar interface, in a far more powerful and functionally rich implementation. The product is a client-server based system built on the power of Microsoft SQL Server. The solution excels at rapidly delivering large data sets requested by users for analysis.

Journey Time Module - The journey time module allows vehicle identification data (ID data) to be stored in the database. The module supports ANPR data and Bluetooth data. Once the data has been added to the database the data from different sources can be analysed to make links.

Origin and Destination Module - Take ID data to the next level by using it for O&D and turning movement analysis. The analysis engine includes support for Bluetooth tag data and ANPR data.

Catalyst Compatible -Brings real time data functionality by using the power and flexibility of Catalyst. Units managed by a Catalyst In-station can be configured to automatically push data into a VDA-Pro R2 database.

VDA-Net R2

Increase the value of traffic data by providing it to more people using VDA-Net R2’s simple and intuitive web interface. VDA Net R2 allows traffic monitoring data stored in a VDA-Pro R2 database to be requested and delivered by an internet browser. Release 2 also allows Journey Time data, recorded using Bluetooth or ANPR units, to be viewed.

Release 2 of VDA-Net offers significant enhancement over the original release. The website is built on APIs giving a responsive client experience. The REST architecture offers enhanced user-perceived performance and the ability to easily scale the system.

Black Cat Radar Cycle Detection

The Black CAT Cycle Radar allows for the collection of cycle data without the need for in-ground sensors. This newly developed radar product has been designed for dedicated cycle paths and can accurately collect volumetric cycle data.

Evo X ANPR Camera

Building on the success of the Evo8 intelligent camera, CA Traffic has re-written the ANPR rulebook with the launch of EvoX.

The Evo X camera incorporates the latest image processing and communications technology in a highly modular design. This allows functionality to be tailored to individual end user requirements at the optimum price/performance point.