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Findlay Irvine is a UK company providing innovative electro-mechanical and software products primarily for the Transport Industries.

Findlay Irvine is a UK company providing innovative electro-mechanical and software products primarily for the Transport Industries.

From its incorporation in 1960, Findlay Irvine Ltd. has enjoyed a reputation for developing innovative products and for working with clients to provide cost effective practical solutions.

Our facilities near Edinburgh consist of three dedicated buildings consisting of our Research and Development Building, Administration Building and our Production and Service Building. Most design projects are undertaken in-house but we have projects with local establishments including Edinburgh and Heriot Watt Universities. Our design staff includes degree qualified Electronic, Mechanical, Mathematics and Software engineers and we pride ourselves in being able to take new designs from concept through to finished products.

Our Production facilities include a fully CNC equipped Machine Shop and Electronic assembly facilities with automatic pick and place machine and reflow oven for surface mount electronic components. Together with our Service Department and sales and Marketing team, Findlay Irvine can offer customers an end to end solution for your technical problems.

Findlay Irvine have been innovating devices for measuring Skid Resistance for over 30 years and supplying equipment worldwide for use on roads, runways, helidecks and any surfaces where a loss of friction can cause a danger. Our range of Continuous Friction Measuring Equipment (CFME) including GripTester MK2, micro GripTester and Helideck micro GripTester can help ensure that you meet national and international standards for surface friction, while potentially saving lives.

Accredited by ICAO for use on airports, well over 500 GripTesters are in everyday use throughout the world and are recognised as the most versatile and deployable continuous measurement friction equipment available.

For roads and highways, GripTester MK2 offers an un-paralleled opportunity to measure continuous skid resistance for all classifications of roads giving you the comfort that your roads comply with all legislation while ensuring that acceptable levels of Skid Resistance are available to road users saving lives. Data collected by GripTester MK2 can easily be analysed or inserted into GIS and Pavement Management Systems for audit purposes.

The micro GripTester was created as a replacement to the British Pendulum and to measure Skid Resistance over smaller areas. It is ideal for the testing of smaller surfaces such as high-friction surface dressing, white-line testing, accidents sites testing, markings, iron works and pedestrian zones.

Helideck micro GripTester is accredited by UK CAA for the measuring of friction on Helidecks and has been adopted worldwide throughout the Oil and Gas Industry as best practise. The critical safety device is being used to ensure an adequate level of friction is available on Helidecks throughout the world.

Icelert offers a full range or standalone network of weather stations with a plethora of sensors to choose from. Weather stations run on Icelert.net or can be incorporated into an existing bureau allowing personnel to be informed of impending bad weather, up to the minute conditions monitored with graphs and forecasts displayed.

Icelert, FloodAlert and WindAlert are market leading weather monitoring, data collection and display systems which are utilised around the world. These systems allow users to make better decisions which can save lives and also deliver significant cost savings to Road Network Operators.

There is a growing concern that local authorities risk being challenged if they are not seen to be managing known flooding black spot sites. This unique system can not only help authorities to manage flooding black spots more effectively during flood events but can also be thought of as an insurance policy in a growing litigious culture.

WindAlert is a high wind event management system. It is designed for highways, bridges and structures as a stand-alone system to help network operators manage high wind events by providing live wind speed and direction to any internet enabled device.


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