Glasdon UK Limited

Leading designer and manufacturer of highway safety and lighting products. Glasdon will be showcasing solutions for rural, urban and suburban road and cycle path schemes. The range includes passively safe bollards, illuminated and retroreflective keep left bollards and traffic signs, verge marker posts, chevron systems, village gateway signs and LED traffic sign downlighters.

Glasdon have been leading the market in the UK for over 50 years since the launch of the Vergemaster™ marker post in 1966, specifically designed and manufactured as a safer, lower maintenance alternative to the concrete and timber posts in use at the time.

For Traffex 2017, the Glasdon Highway Safety team will be showcasing their latest range on a purpose built, interactive stand to demonstrate the scope and application of the products, installation and maintenance.

Rural schemes? Talk to the team about grass verge and hazard marker posts including the Vergemaster RX™, the Glasdon Village Gateway which is designed to help reduce traffic speeds by creating a clear, highly visible demarcation at the entrance to a rural community and the versatile wood effect Glenwood™ Post.

For urban and suburban traffic schemes, talk to the team about low energy lighting and retroreflective bollards and highway sign downlighters including Rebound Signmaster™ LED Bollard. The team will also be showcasing solutions for cycle lanes including the passively safe Illuminated Mini-Ensign™ Bollard and bollards for pavements and pedestrian areas.

We look forward to seeing you!

Contact Details

John Cookson +44 01253 600400 http://www.glasdon.com



Products at the Show

Illuminated Mini-Ensign™ Bollard

The Illuminated Mini-Ensign rebound bollard helps mark the potential hazard of a traffic island at night e.g. where the bollard is used as a cycle lane delineator.

Rebound Signmaster™ LED Bollard

Illuminated sign carrying rebound bollard is commonly used to mark hazards safely and direct traffic at crossings and junctions.

Lumino City™ 750 LED Downlighter

Lumino City 750 LED energy efficient sign light complies with standards BS EN 12767, illuminating highway road signs up to 750mm.

Glasdon Manchester™ Bollard

Cast iron style bollard ideal for schemes in town centres to complement traditional architecture. A low-maintenance alternative to traditional cast iron bollards.

Advanced Neopolitan™ 150 Bollard

Ideal for schemes where there is a high risk of impact. Passively safe, self-righting and socketed, the Advanced Neopolitan 150 Bollard highlights hazards in the road to the BS EN 12767 standards.

Glenwood™ Post

A low maintenance wood effect post which is ideal for verge protection or marking cycle routes in rural schemes.

Vergemaster RX™ Marker Post

For rural roads, this passively safe marker post provides delineation and highlights bends in roads to TSRGD 561 standard.

Edgemaster™ 20 Post

A slimline marker post manufactured from a tough Durapol material. An economical solution to stop people from parking on grass verges.

Chevroflex Ultra™ Sign System

Chevroflex chevron boards are passively safe to BS EN 12767 for roundabouts and highlighting hazards on rural roads.

Glasdon Gateway

This gateway sign feature is positioned at the entrance to villages. It makes a strong impression and informs and reminds drivers to reduce their speed.


Glasdon UK | Rebound Signmaster™ LED Bollard

Rebound Signmaster LED Bollard: This illuminated keep left bollard identifies hazards on urban highways. Rebound Signmaster LED Bollard draws just 5 watts of electricity, reducing your energy and maintenance costs. Compared to traditional lamps, an average saving of 80% on electricity costs can be made by switching to Glasdon LED lighting.

Glasdon UK | Lumino City™ 750 LED Downlighter

Lumino City 750 LED Downlighter: IP66 rated for a long service life and reduced maintenance, this energy efficient sign light illuminates highway road signs up to 750mm and complies with standards BS EN 12767.