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Case Communications is a UK company that design, develop and manufacture high quality managed “Rugged Communications Products” with proven reliability in UTMC environments, tolerating temperatures from -40°C to +75°C without the use of fans. All Case Communications products are fully managed allowing UTMC engineers to view a Graphical Interface of the network status and take control from their ‘In-Station’ site.

Case Communications Case Communications (Case) provides leading edge communication solutions for mission critical applications where hi-availability, in demanding environments is essential. Case is UK-based and has been at the forefront of the network communications industry for over 40 years.

Case specialise in the manufacture of managed hardened “Rugged” communications products designed for continuous operation in harsh environments. The products are ‘fan less’ and operate from -40C to +75C.

Case prides itself on providing outstanding levels of product support to ensure high level of customer satisfaction. Case offers engineering and network design assistance wherever necessary, working closely with the client to ensure that the “Industrial” network solutions, are efficiently engineered, to meet end-user requirements.

Wherever possible, Case supports open-source software, tailoring industrial systems to meet specific project requirements. To ensure that Case leads the field, the company invests more than 25% of revenue toward research and development of industrial communication products.

Case have a significant presence in the UTMC market providing both Routers, Fibre Networks, and Ethernet extenders as well as CaseView Network Management Systems which instantly allow our customers to view the status of their networks and O.T.U’s. Trend Reports allow the engineers , to determine if parts of the network are starting to get congested or have issues over a period of time.

Case Communications - Key Technologies Rugged / Industrial Ethernet switches Case Ethernet Switches are fan-less, provided with dual DC power supplies and operate from -40C to +75C and are highly suited for industrial applications. The use of VLANS allow applications to have their own ‘virtual networks’ over a common infrastructure with quality of service which ensures that time critical traffic, such as video, is given priority over less sensitive traffic. Advanced Ring technology provides rapid self-healing in 10ms ~ 20ms, in the event of a circuit failure. Case Switches are fully managed using industry standard SNMP (Simple Network Management Protocol) allowing engineers to control, manage and configure the network from a central point.

Rugged Industrial Routers – ADSL / V.DSL /Fibre Routers with Cellular Back Up The Case Industrial Routers are fan-less, support 4 or more Ethernet ports, and operate from -20C to +75C allowing network engineers to communicate with remote controllers and other devices, securely over the Internet using advanced encryption. The routers are supplied with ADSL / V.DSL and Fibre and have options such as Wireless and 3G/4G for back up. An Asynchronous ports allow legacy systems to communicate over newer infrastructures for the control of Telemetry and other systems.

Ethernet Extenders / Ethernet First Mile – 60Mbps symmetric broadband. The Case XLR 564’s are Ethernet Extenders, designed to extend Ethernet over copper and fibre services and provide business broadband connections. Operating at rates up to 15Mbps per pair of copper wires, the Case XLR 564’s can bond 4 pairs of copper to achieve data rates up to 60Mbps.

The Case XLR 564’s are equipped with dual 100Mbps Fibre ports and, for example, have the ability to ‘daisy chain’ along a highway, extending the Ethernet for hundreds of miles. A ‘multi-drop’ feature allows one XLR 564 to communicate with two remote XLR 564s at the same time. The XLR 564’s are fully managed and controlled by the CaseView network management system. These products are used for CCTV, UTMC, etc. where the requirement is to send higher volumes of data from a remote site, back to a control room.

3G/ 4G / LTE Routers Case 4G Routers provide network connectivity over mobile networks and the 4G / LTE Dual SIM option on DSL routers provides back up to those Routers. By using dual SIM cards in 4G routers, options for connectivity are made available. Partnering with mobile operators allows Case to provide true network independence. The CaseView management system ensures that connected equipment can be monitored, accessed and reconfigured without physically mobilising staff and resources to sites.

WiMax/Wireless Wimax equipment is used as a point to point replacement for expensive Telco circuits and can be used to transmit information between one base station site and multiple remote sites. Ranges up to 35 miles and data rates up to300mbps can be achieved. These systems can also be used to send to multiple remote sites, in a point to multi-point system. The Case Wireless system uses ‘Lite License’ in the 4.8Ghz ~ 5.9Ghz range with minimal license fees.

Industrial Fibre Patch Panels Designed for Industrial Markets, Case Patch Panels are one of the few patch panels able to be DIN rail mounted. Up to 48 ports available generally using LC connectors, alternative connectors are also available.

Case View – Network Management System CaseView is an SNMP based Network Management System designed to control, monitor and manage the network. CaseView provides the operator with a fully graphic representation of the network, continually checking the status of all the network components and receiving information from the network on any events taking place. CaseView maintains a database of all events that have taken place and can send alarms and warnings via SMS or e-mail to duty engineers. A remote console option allows engineers to connect from home in the event of an out of hour’s incident.

Case Communications Broadband Services Case Communications are able to provide a managed broadband service to their customers. This allows a true ‘One Stop Shop’. With many customers Traffic may find an O.T.U site has gone off line so send an engineer to site, they believe the broadband service has gone down, so they contact I.T. who in turn contact their ISP, and this whole process is time consuming. As Case monitors their customer’s routers as soon as one is seen to drop of the network, they are able to get onto their server and undertake diagnostics. If the problem is with the BT Line Case raise a fault with BT and quite often the resolution is underway before customers are aware there is a problem.

Case Communications - Services Include • Network design / consultancy • Installation • Broadband Services • Base Repair Services • Technical Support • Staging and Factory Acceptance testing

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Case Communications Telephone: +44 (0)1494 880240 Website: http://www.casecomms.com Email marketing@casecomms.com

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Andy Saoulis +44 (0)1494 880240 http://www.casecomms.com



Products at the Show


Industrial Managed Gigabit Ethernet Switch with PoE / PoE Plus and advanced ring technology

6401 Industrial ADSL Router

6401 Industrial ADSL router for use in Traffic Cabinets and beside the highway. Compatible with Westermo and most other makes of router. Fully managed and fanless operation from -20C to +75C.

6402 Industrial ADSL Router with 4G backup

Industrial ADSL router with dual SIM 4G/LTE/3G backup, Wi-Fi for connecting to adjacent O.T.U's, serial port, for legacy equipment

8256 VPN Concentrator

The 8256 is a VPN Concentrator capable of concentrating 256 IP Sec or other forms of Tunnel as well as providing additional security

6904 - Dual SIM 4G/LTE Router with Wi-Fi

Dual SIM 4G/LTE/3G router with Wi-Fi for meshing with local O.T.U / other devices. Operates form -40C to +75C


Gigabit PoE Media Converter allowing 2 Gigabit Fibre ports to convert to 2 x Gigabit TX ports and providing Power Over Ethernet to power CCTV, and other devices.


Case Communications Industrial / rugged communications products & services overview

A non dialogue video of Case Communications and their markets.